Project Partners

Se Poate Association is a Romanian Youth NGO established in 2014 with activities implemented through non-formal education methods in the field of active citizenship, environement, sport and promoting democratic values for youth beneficiaries. 

The organization gathers volunteers, friends and youth workers from different parts of the country with a common interest in sharing their personal and professional experience with exploring active young people in the area of non-formal education.


                                                     Anamaria Moisa – Project Manager     Daniel Enachescu – President of Asociația Se Poate

Mine Vaganti NGO is a non-profit organisation founded in Sardinia in 2009.

MVNGO promotes intercultural dialogue, social inclusion through Sport and environmental protection using Non-Formal Education.

MVNGO is an educational training provider at local and European level and has a consultant role for public and private bodies in order to promote and develop European and trans-continental projects.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Roberto solinas                                    Maria Grazia Pirina

Faculty of Sport, University “Union – Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade, was founded in 2012 as the first institution of higher education in Serbia whose core academic field is sport.

The mission of the Faculty is to offer highly educated and specialized sports experts to sports organizations and clubs, to educational, scientific, cultural and media institutions, as well as to growing sports market in Serbia and beyond. These sports experts will be qualified to give their contribution to the development of sport by meeting its highest standards.

The University “Union – Nikola Tesla” has been actively participating in international collaborative projects and partnerships. It plays strong part in national cooperation as well, and it fulfils all the functions and tasks in accordance with law. The University “Union – Nikola Tesla” is open for all potential members who are accredited in accordance with the Law on higher education.


                                                                             Ivana Parčina                                             Marko Begović

                                                  Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport      Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport 

The NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT  (UNEFS)  from Bucharest was established by the Law for Physical Education, promulgated on June 15, 1923 and published in the Official Gazette no. 59, from June 17, 1923, under the name of the  NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION (INEF)  . This title was changed during its existence, up to the present one, assigned by the amendments approved to HG no. 749/2009 and published in the Official Gazette of Romania Part I of October 12, 2009.

In the classification system of the European Union, UNEFS is defined as an “A” level education and research institute, which brings together all the basic fields of scientific knowledge related to man, education, health, culture and society. The study programs are in accordance with the Bologna Process. The institution has been awarded the Erasmus University Charter and has partnerships with universities in the European space.


EPSI is a non for profit membership-based organisation in Europe, based in Brussels that focuses on innovation in the areas of sport, physical activity, healthy lifestyle, vitality, environment and all related impacted sectors. EPSI strives for more innovation-friendly conditions for the EU sports ecosystem, in order to stimulate technological innovation and to set up / develop businesses with a focus on the entire innovation spectrum.

EPSI is composed of around 100 organisations coming from all parts of Europe. Among EPSI members, there are Associations and Federations related to the Sport Sector, Industries and SMEs, Communication Agencies, Clusters, Research Centers, Universities and Public Authorities.

Mundus Bulgaria Association, established in 2017, is a non-governmental organisation, part of the international network of Association Mundus, based in Spain. The main mission is to support the achievements in non-formal education, for which purpose joint activities are undertaken in the various sectors of the Erasmus + program, to expand partnerships and international cooperation with various institutions, especially in the field of youth. The organization prepares national and partners in international programs for social and professional integration of adolescents, as well as projects for people in need of social integration.

Rijeka’s Sports Association, allying all sporting clubs within the City of Rijeka and is the promoter of the Programme of public sports programme co-funding in the City of Rijeka, which is presented through the City administration department for sports and technical culture to the government of the City of Rijeka.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, the local Government is obliged to foster the development of sports; to this end, funds are allocated out of the City of Rijeka annual budget for sporting activities co-funding and the City government’s commitment in this respect is clearly expressed in the Programme of public sports programme co-funding.