In the EU, men exercise, play sport or engage in other physical activity more than women. The same inequalities exist in the number of women who are coaches or trainers, and in the number of women having leadership positions within sport club or organisations. One of the most important barriers preventing women in general from participating in physical activity is the lack of available childcare and the high cost of child-care.

FAMS aims at balancing the under-representation of women and mothers in sport, thus pursuing the promotion of employability through sport and the encouragement of social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. In particular, FAMS aims at fostering gender equality in sports coaching and teaching and attaining equal representation and gender sensitivity in decision-making. In spite of some progress, discrepancies still exist in terms of equal opportunities in some areas of sport.

In this frame, FAMS aims at tackling the above-mentioned issues as well as providing concrete and efficient solutions to support mothers work-life balance and prevent the abandonment of sport by women.